"The careful touch of a framer is what makes an artwork complete."

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"Framing at its Best"

Every frame and customer through the workshop has a story to tell, a diverse and remarkable array of previous work.

The Frame Workshop is a stockist of Artglass Picture Framing glass, this is a premium glazing product used by professional framers. The Artglass product portfolio consists of several specialised products with unique coating designs, fit for a multitude of practical applications.

What The Frame Workshop Offers


Mountcard draws the eye to the artwork, it enhances the artwork and gives the viewer a focal point, the right choice can truly improve the quality of your artwork.

The Frame Workshop is a stockist of Colourmount mountboard


The Frame Workshop stocks both regular plain and non reflective glass which is adequate for many framing tasks but it's worth pointing out that regular glass will not protect your artwork from fading or yellowing over time.

I would always recommend Artglass for items with high or sentimental value.


The Frame Workshop can make mirrors to both standard and bespoke sizes.


The Frame Workshop specialises in needlework framing an artform in itself which can add a touch of class to any room.  I know the amount of skilful work that goes in to these pieces and they are not a DIY project and definitely deserve professional framing.  The Frame Workshop incorporates archival quality materials to ensure long term preservation of your needlework, many of which will become treasured family heirlooms. I've seen many cross stitches ruined by dubious framing practices, the fabric must be carefully stretched and laced with no glue or tapes anywhere. To ensure best results please iron your cloth and keep as clean as possible.


Let The Frame Workshop preserve and display your mementos and collectibles with top-quality memorabilia framing.

Memories can last a lifetime but the mementos that remind us of those memories tend to be more delicate I can help you preserve  and display all kinds of memorabilia without having to hide it away in a drawer. Our top-quality memorabilia framing will allow you to display your favourite items while still keeping them protected from UV damage, dust, etc.

Swept Frames

The Frame Workshop can supply any standard size ready made frame such as swept, decorative, oval or circle.

 We use Larson Juhl for these frames - "The best you can Buy!"

Picture Frame Materials

The Frame Workshop can supply a multitude of items for the DIY framer.

Canvas Stretching

The Frame Workshop offers a canvas stretching service to both standard and bespoke sizes. Stretching a canvas means fitting it tightly to wooden “stretcher bars” , prior to framing, preventing warps and ripples. Canvases can be stretched mechanically via a machine, but The Frame Workshop specialises in hand stretching a skill which is only developed after many years of practice and is more suitable for delicate original works of art. 

Original Art

As well as framing Photographs and Posters we frame Originals and Limited Edition prints for customers, local artists and interior designers. Conservation framing is essential when framing artwork of this kind and the range we have on offer will be sure to meet your requirements.

"If you want the best conservation framing at a fair price you're in the right place"

"Custom framing is much more than four pieces of wood around a piece of artwork, attention to detail is crucial to success.
Everything is done in house, from cutting and joining to the finished product.
Yes, we are different because The Frame Workshop cares about its customers."

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