"The careful touch of a framer is what makes an artwork complete."

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The Frame Workshop

Highly qualified and motivated professionals

The Frame Workshop has a long tradition in the framing industry. It was founded in 1992 by Steve and we pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service to both the general public and local businesses.

We understand the importance of conservation framing to care for and enhance your most treasured momentos and artworks.
Which is why we only use quality materials throughout and state of the art equipment to give you total peace of mind.
You can be assured your artwork will maintain its quality and be protected for many years to come.

"If you want the best conservation framing at a fair price you're in the right place"

"Custom framing is much more than four pieces of wood around a piece of artwork, attention to detail is crucial to success.
Everything is done in house, from cutting and joining to the finished product.
Yes, we are different because The Frame Workshop cares about its customers."

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