"The careful touch of a framer is what makes an artwork complete."

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Why we Frame Pictures?

The Signifigance of Framing

The only reason we frame anything is because it matters, because it’s significant. 

Frames are fundamental to the experience we have of art. They enrich and enhance the way the piece looks and play a significant role in protecting it and can even impact its value. So take the time to choose the right frame for your investment or cherished artwork . Bespoke framing elevates even the humblest piece of artwork so is well worth the investment!

The frame is a critical element and will influence how the viewer perceives the art. Frame choice can be subjective and many customers think a large ornate frame will overpower the art work but it's my belief that such a frame will draw the viewer towards the frame and then they will admire what's within it! Some frames will undoubtedly detract from the art but others will bring a painting/photo/print to life, and elevate it to another level of importance and effectiveness.

Nowadays there is a tendency towards gallery wrapped canvasses(artwork on the wall without a frame)but to me unframed art is unfinished art.

Digital World

In the current digital world nearly everyone has access to a camera and we often have many images saved on multiple devices but how often do we look at them? The reality is very little! Print a picture, put it in a frame, hang it on the wall and youll see it every day, usually with a smile.

 A printed picture will capture a precious moment in time, moments such as a childs first steps, growing up, first day of school all the way through college graduation, weddings, anniversaries, landmark birthdays, etc., the list goes on and a well framed one will preserve it for generations to come. Acid-free mount boards and UV protective glass can make a big difference to how your pieces look after several years on your walls.






"If you want the best conservation framing at a fair price you're in the right place"

"Custom framing is much more than four pieces of wood around a piece of artwork, attention to detail is crucial to success.
Everything is done in house, from cutting and joining to the finished product.
Yes, we are different because The Frame Workshop cares about its customers."

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