You can trust The Frame Workshop to look after your memorabilia!

Have an item of memorabilia which you would like to frame and display? No matter the shape or size, you can be assured that The Frame Workshop has the experience to know the best way to display your memorabilia.

Items framed in the past include the following:

  • Magazines

  • Music memorabilia

  • Sport memorabilia

  • Fooball shirts

  • Boxing shorts

  • Textiles

  • Wedding items

  • Medals

  • Babies Shoes

Don't leave yours or your loved ones precious hard earned medal collections sitting in the back of a drawer, forgotten. Make them into a treasured family heirloom and proudly display.


Let The Frame Workshop frame them for you. The frame will be a deep box frame keeping the medals well away fom the glass and are secured to an acid free mount discreetly with non invasive materials. Photos, brass plaques or other memorabilia may be added to give a more personal touch.


Umbrella in deep box frame

A bit of a challenge this one but the customer delighted with the result

Deep Box Frame
Football Shirt
First Dress & Shoes
Deep Box Frame with Matching Spacer