The Frame Workshop stocks a full range of Colourmount Conservation white core mount board as a part of our custom picture framing service. An extensive range of colours are available and Chevrons are available for you to view and test against your artwork in the workshop.
White core - This means the cut bevel will be white and will not fade over time.
Also available are :-
Black core - The bevel is black, often good for framing black and white photographs and any print with a light background

Picture mount is used for both functional and aesthetic purposes. They make your picture look more impressive, whilst keeping the glass from touching your work, a very important part of picture framing conservation.

The Frame Workshop only uses acid-free mountboard, I feel your job deserves acid-free mountboard. This term means the damaging acid content in the paper or board has been neutralised and will no longer be a serious threat, and helps reduce discolouration, which over time will damage and de-value artwork

Your artwork can be framed in a single, double or multiple mount's. With more than one mount, colours in your artwork can be brought out to enhance and sharpen the image. These colours help lead the eye from the frame to the image and make the image the focal point.

I do not sell cheap Creamcore mountboard where the bevel will yellow over time like other sellers of picture mounts, all of my picture mounts are either Whitecore or Conservation grade mountboard.